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Who We Are

Children in Families (CIF) is a local Cambodian NGO, registered with the Ministry of the Interior since 2009, dedicated to providing high-quality family-based care for orphans and vulnerable children in Cambodia. 

CIF advocates locally and globally for the belief that the best place for a child to grow up is in a loving family.

At CIF, we provide three streams of family care programming: 
short-term Emergency Care, Kinship Care and Foster Care 

We also provide specific care to children with disabilities and chronic illness through our ABLE project, and engage with the wider community through our Outreach and Church Partnerships Projects.

We provide technical support for other organizations wanting to improve their social work practice through the OSCaR project.

For those who want to support the work of CIF, we offer study tours for schools and churches who are interested in being advocates for family-based care through our Rok Kern project.

What is Children in Families

Across its programs, Children in Families

Partnership Referrals

Works with referring partners including government authorities, partner NGOs and community members to follow up vulnerable children and ensure they are well cared for.


Conducts assessments of children’s family of origin to return children to their own communities when it is safe to do so.

Foster Families

Recruits, screens and trains Cambodian foster families to care for Cambodian children.

Emergency Care

Supports short term emergency care for children who urgently need a safe place to stay.

Case Management

Provides ongoing case management of children in family-based care, following them up at least once per month, for as long as needed.

Therapeutic Care

Gives therapeutic care to children with disabilities or severe illnesses, and trains their carers to do the same.

Free Training

Offers free training and support to other NGOs in the child welfare sector.

Organisation Mentoring

Gives organizational mentoring to orphanages who want to help their children return to their families of origin.


Networks with other organizations to improve social work practice in Cambodia by providing a centralised case management system and online training platform.


Advocates for family-based care across Cambodia with our coalition partners and internationally.

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Family Stories

Impacting Generations: The Many Facets of Family of Origin as First Priority

It takes partnerships from community, active participation and willingness from the families, and collaboration across programs within CIF to improve the lives of children, families, and communities. It is entirely worth it. It is proven that children do better in families. CIF strives for holistic care because we recognize that struggles within family units are rarely due to one facet of life.

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