Become a Foster Family

Become a foster family

We are always looking for Cambodians who are interested in becoming foster parents.

Please watch the video below to hear about what being foster has meant to others.


Foster care is an agreement between Children in Families and DoSVY with approval from your village chief, the commune chief, the chief of administration, and the district chief.  These people, together with your neighbours, provide references to Children in Families before you are considered for foster care

To apply to be a foster parent, you and your spouse must: 

  • Be aged between 25 and 55 years old.
  • Have an education level of at least year nine (9)
  • Have no prior convictions or warnings for child abuse
  • Have a home free of domestic violence (confirmed by your neighbours)
  • Not be using alcohol or drugs
  • Have a steady home and place of residence, where you don't move around for work.
  • Have a good standard of living with consistent income
  • Show true love and respect for children in different ways
  • Have a good relationship with your neighbours and the wider community
  • Not have children the same age as the child you want to foster
  • Be willing to receive training from CIF in relation to child protection, parenting skills and child rights.
  • Be willing to abide by the policies of CIF and its monitoring practices
Information sessions are held regularly.