The OSCaR (Open Source Case-management and Record-Keeping) System is a web-based system that enables accurate information gathering and customisable program modelling in a central hub. Child development and program outcomes can be easily and reliability monitored, making social work practices, data collection and data analysis simpler and more reliable. Thanks to our partnership with Family Care First, OSCaR is available for free for NGOs within Cambodia who are seeking to strengthen families and desire to improve their social work practice. It is also available for a fee to organizations in other countries.

Why did an organization that focuses on social work, create a case management system?

OSCaR is now used by over 25 NGOs across Cambodia, and more internationally.

For more information, go to OSCaR’s own website: www.oscarhq.com

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OSCaR is free for Cambodian NGO's

Contact us for a demonstration and to learn more about how OSCaR can help you strengthen families and improve your social work practices.