Domestic Adoption

Domestic Adoption


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At CIF our end goal is always a permanent home for any child in our care. Domestic adoption is the last step in ensuring that children have a family to belong to. Foster parents can apply to adopt the children in their care and become their legal parents, ensuring protection and family connections for these children in the future. 

CIF’s case management system and case worker follow up ensure that our long-term foster families have the information they need to apply for adoption if they choose to do so. Our workers journey with them through the process until each child has parents to call their own.

What are the benefits of domestic adoption?

Legal and social recognition

Permanency is the last step in children being recognised in their community. On a practical level, this means that children receive the rights to be a family member in the family book and inherit property. At a societal level, the wider community will recognise that the child are now a permanent part of this village.

Celebrating strong families

CIF only recommends adoption for our families who have proven that they have a strong attachment with the child and can financially support the child in an ongoing way. Adoption celebrates that these families are stronger together, where they belong.

Children don’t age out at 18

Children do not need to worry about what happens to them when they become an adult. They will continue to be part of a family and community that sees them as their own.

Full parenting rights

Parents can plan a future for the child in their care knowing that no-one can legally lay claim to their child in the years to come.

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