Our ABLE project is an umbrella project that works with children across all of our family-based care programs. No matter a child’s living situation, if they have a disability or a serious illness, our ABLE staff provide them with follow-up and therapeutic care. 

They also provide training to our carers and families so that children receive the support they need daily, not just when our staff come to visit. We have seen some wonderful cases of improvement and development in children with profound difficulties.

What are the benefits of ABLE?

Greater Protection

Children with disabilities are at a much greater risk of being relinquished to institutional care and are also much more vulnerable to the potential dangers and negative effects of institutional care. ABLE ensures that these children can grow up in loving homes.

Service accessibility

Access to services is a huge need for people with disabilities in rural areas. Through ABLE, children in CIF’s care projects have access to special education, medical services and equipment.


Even the best of families can experience stress in providing for a child with disabilities. ABLE staff ensure that these parents have the support and resources that they need to care for their children.

Therapy and training

ABLE staff provide therapeutic services to address challenges that children may have in any area of development, and train their families in how to help them as well.

Cultural Shift

ABLE helps break down community stigma about disability in Cambodia by showing that children with disability and chronic illness can be a vibrant part of community life.

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Accepted, Belonging, Loved, Empowered

Help us achieve our dream for Cambodian children with disabilities.