As well as working directly with children, Children in Families is passionate about engaging with the wider community of NGOs in Cambodia – in particular those caring for vulnerable children.  That’s why we began our Outreach Project, providing training and capacity building to other NGOs in areas such as case management, parenting skills, family reintegration and data management. 

There are hundreds of orphanages in Cambodia filled with children who are not orphans.  We offer organizational coaching and resourcing to staff in orphanages who want to return children to their families and help them be cared for at home. 

We’re really excited about our ability to help others do what we are doing, and spread the word that the best place for a child to grow up is in a loving family.

What are the benefits of the Outreach Project?

Capacity building

Outreach helps to improve the standards of family-based care across Cambodia by training and resourcing other NGOs who want to do similar work to CIF.

Established relationships

The CIF Outreach model partners with orphanage staff who already have relationships with the children and their families in order to bridge reintegration models.

Support along the way

The Cambodian Government has created legislation to encourage children in institutions to be reintegrated into families. CIF’s Outreach project helps orphanages have a framework for reintegration and mentors them through the process.

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