Emergency Care​​

Emergency Care​​


Some children need a safe place to stay immediately, and don’t have time to wait for a long-term placement.  These children enter our Emergency Care project. Emergency Care placements involve a maximum 90-day stay with one of CIF’s specially trained families kept on retainer around Phnom Penh. Children are cared for and looked after according to their needs while our staff locate an appropriate long term home for them.


What are the benefits of Emergency Care?

Emotional connection

Our Emergency Care staff provide a loving environment where the child can feel secure and safe and start on their journey to emotional recovery.

Availability of carers

Because our Emergency Care staff are on retainer, our carers are able to receive children in need no matter what time or day children are referred to us.

Access to medical care

Children who enter our Emergency Care project come from unsafe situations. They are frequently suffering from medical issues, neglect or abuse. Our Emergency Care staff are based in Phnom Penh, so children have access to the medical assessments and care they need.

Family tracking

If a child has been abandoned, we must do everything we can to find their family. Emergency care means that children are safe while our social workers do what they can to find and then assess their biological families.

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