Outreach Program Announcement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Outreach Program Announcement [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Outreach Program!

We are excited to announce the official beginning of our new outreach program here at Children in Families.  It’s an idea that we’ve been mulling over for sometime here at CIF and now it’s off the ground and running!

Working with Others

At the center of the new program is the desire to help place more children in families in Cambodia alongside other organizations.  

Currently in Cambodia, there are thousands of small orphanages and community outreach organizations.  These orgs are already present in different communities around the country.  They have their own donors, budgets, admin staff, and people on the ground.  All of that has existed for some time here in Cambodia.

The cool part, is what has been changing!  Many of the leaders and board members of these distributed orgs are starting to think about the possibility of providing family based care within their own communities.  

The trouble is many of these orgs feel ill-equipped to tackle the task of providing high quality family based care.  Many of the leaders we’ve connected with in the last two years were very interested in starting to care for children in families, but they felt nervous about the actual implementation.  

Enter the CIF Outreach Program

 We are excited to proactively focus on helping these motivated organizations round the country.  In partnership with close friends like Mlup Russey and others, we will focus on helping eager organizations take that next step in care for children.  

Whether its training, shadowing, sharing of resources, or just walking together through difficult cases, we are committing to helping other organizations implement family based care in their communities.  

Check out this infographic to learn more about this exciting new program!

Outreach Program Infographic

Outreach Program Announcement [INFOGRAPHIC]