Dear Prayer Supporters,March has slipped away from us in a flurry of activity. However, we do depend on our faithful prayer warriors to stand with us, so we will still send this out, though at the “eleventh hour”! 
 This month please join us in praying for the following:

  • Ly A’s placement has been disrupted due to his foster mother becoming ill and no longer able to care for this active little guy. Please intercede to the Father for a new care family for him that will be a permanent and perfect solution for him.
  • Anita had follow up surgery on the 24th of March.  Pray for a complete healing and fully function new “bottom” for her.
  • The parents of little Peya are completely overwhelmed by their child’s severe medical condition.  Pray for God to give them deep love for their child and fresh energy to tackle his many complex issues.  Pray also for our CIF staff and the doctors as they provide help and counsel this family.
  • N. R., 10 yrs old, started school for the first time on March 24th thanks to CIF’s kinship care program. Pray that he can do well in his special “catch-up school”.

 Please continue to pray for the following on-going concerns:

  • CIF staff need at least two motorcycles.
  • CIF staff need at least two new computers.
  •  Health and safety for the children in our care.

  Praise God with us for:

  • Our need for a second emergency baby care family was met.  We have a lovely new couple signed up and going through the screening process now.
  • Srey M’s need for a special school environment was also met when she was accepted into a program designed for children with her level of disabilities.

 Rejoicing in His Goodness,
Cathleen Jones and the CIF Team