JUNE 2013


Good health for all foster care children as rainy season brings a lot of colds and coughs.

Many of our children with disabilities continue to face serious health challenges.  Pray that Sam, Sammy, Cham, Lanny, Dydy, Lally and the children who are HIV positive would all stay as healthy as possible.  Pray that the care families would have exceptional strength and love as they care for them without much medical help available in this country.

Pray for the provision of funds for the 2013 and 2014 budget.  General operating expenses for the foster care program and the ABLE program (for children with disabilities) are the most needed.

Anny, CIF’s National Director, continues to have problems with kidney stones and now has a ruptured disc in her back.  Pray for complete healing of both.

Jesse, CIF’s new International Director, needs lots of prayers as he steps in and creates this new, much-needed position.

This month CIF is renewing its agreement with the national Ministry of Social Affairs.  This involves a lot of paperwork and an inspection.  Our last inspection was a great time of sharing the Gospel with government workers as well as showing them our programs.          

With the tremendous increase in CIF staff, we need prayers for encouragement, good team work, and physical and spiritual health for all of them.

JUNE 2013