CIF staff trained with the Ministry of Social Affairs this month.  Pray for a full understanding of all the material, and a smooth transition into using the brand new forms and procedures.

Pray for safety for Jesse, Sarah and girls who are in Bangkok, Thailand where there is a lot of civil unrest.

Pray for Jenjum Program Manager Nika and his wife.  She is due with their second baby in March.

Pray that we can find a second emergency baby care family.

Please pray for the political situation in Cambodia to have a peaceful and fair resolution.

Pray for Srey M.  She is waiting for a spot in a special needs school.  She and her care family desperately need this opportunity for structure and therapy.

Pray for CIF’s new location in Kampong Chhnang.  Ask God to send us great families there and in our other locations.

Pray for the schools and teachers in the areas where we work.  

Pray for E, B, N and L, who are all considering becoming CIF staff or volunteers.

Pray for Cathleen as she shares with the US Peace Corps team later this month.

Pray for Lisa and the ABLE staff and program as she prepares for her first furlough in March.