Dear Prayer Supporters,
This month we experienced bittersweet emotions as we mourned the loss but celebrated the life of one very precious baby girl.  She came into the world with major challenges and was not expected to live very long.  It was encouraging to see the depth of love and care poured out on her by her fostering family.  Please pray for her grieving family and our staff as they struggle with this loss.
 This month please join us in praying for the following:

  • Good bonding and attachment for S.L, P, and S as they settle in their new families.
  • Provision of two computers and two motorcycles for CIF work.
  • Encouragement for families that have been doing foster care for 5+ years.
  • A stop to the continuing exploitation of children through Orphanage Tourism in Cambodia.

 Please continue to pray for the following on-going concerns:

  • Our need for a second emergency baby care family.
  • Lisa and the ABLE staff and program as she leaves for her first furlough in March.
  • Srey M’s need for a special school environment.

  Praise God with us for:

  • N and L, who are new CIF volunteers.
  • The excellent reception to Cathleen’s presentation with 50 US Peace Corps volunteers.
  • Thorough training for CIF staff with MoSAVY.

 Rejoicing in His Goodness,
Cathleen Jones and the CIF Team

Children In Families
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