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Children in Families is a Stars Impact Award Winner for 2016!

Super Exciting!

We are super, super excited to be able to make this announcement: Children in Families has been named as a winner of the Stars Impact Awards for 2016!  

Any award is great news, of course. But this one is something special. The Stars Impact Awards are given each year to “strong, grassroots organisations responding to the needs of children and young people in their care.” They also have a really great reputation around the world for choosing to recognise organisations that provide the highest quality service to vulnerable kids. So to be on the list of the latest winners is great! You can see the official statement from the Stars Foundation regarding the award over on their website, and we’d encourage you to check it out.

The Impact of the Stars Impact Awards

At Children in Families, we aim to provide the best possible support to the kids and families we care for. We’re always looking to improve our practice and strengthen those things we do well. We want to see children loved and belonging. We stretch ourselves to make that happen more and more, better and better. We’re incredibly grateful that the Stars Foundation has recognised that desire, and our achievements so far, with this award.  The prize itself is a combination of financial support for our ongoing work, and funds specifically to help us improve further in what we do. We can’t wait to see what we can do with it!

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Children in Families is about children… in families.

In the next couple of weeks, our General Manager Lynny will be travelling to Vienna to officially receive the award on behalf of the staff of CIF.  We look forward to hearing about her experiences on another continent when she gets back. In the meantime, we’ll be at work, continuing to care for the people that drive everything we do – the children and their families.  Cambodian society is a beautiful, vibrant thing. It has its challenges, but we know that it will be a stronger and healthier place to grow up as each generation of kids experiences love and care from their families.

Stars Impace Awards - Image for illustrative purposes only.

A huge thank you to the Stars Foundation for recognising the work of CIF with their 2016 award. And of course, a big thanks to those of you who continue to support us, and make our work possible. This award recognises that support too, because we couldn’t do it without you.

In gratitude

The CIF Team


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