Our Partners

Founded in 2005, Chab Dai Cambodia is a coalition of over 50 member organizations working to address sexual abuse and trafficking. In addition to facilitating its Learning Community, Chab Dai oversees grassroots prevention programs, conducts research, and collaborates with UN and government agencies. CIF has been a member since its inception.
M’lup Russey seeks the safe reintegration and social inclusion of young adult orphans back into communities.  Their mission is to support, nurture and strengthen families in communities so that they have the ability in managing and caring for family members, especially children.  They provide services to young people, so that they can live safely in communities and develop as healthy individuals and to promote best practice in alternative care.

First Step is a new project designed to meet the needs of male victims and survivors of sexual abuse and their families, carers, supporters and communities.

Mothers Heart was founded in 2010 to provide crisis pregnancy counseling, to empower women with choices, and to support woman facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. It is the first crisis pregnancy counselling service in Cambodia.

Prison Fellowship was established in 2001, and has become the primary provider of a wide variety of services for prisoners and their families. Their primary focus is on restoration of lives and relationships affected by crime and imprisonment.


Vessels of Mercy Intl. – A nonprofit relief and development organization committed to alleviating human suffering and poverty by carrying God’s love and hope to a world in need. By extending the two hands of the gospel, they offer physical and spiritual wholeness to thousands of people as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SFAC – An organization in the UK that promotes family-based care worldwide. Click on the link to the left to learn more about SFAC initiatives to promote care for children through reunification with their families or to have an opportunity for a local substitute family rather than institutional care (foster care).

The Development Accord – An organization created by a group of friends with a shared vision to play our part in addressing the disparity between the lives of most people living in Australia and those in the developing world and to see the end of global and extreme poverty. Through the Development Accord, donated dollars are directed to an ethical investment fund. Year after year the donor’s initial donation remains in the fund (capital), generating funds which will be systematically distributed to our partner projects. As the pool of capital grows with increased donations and new members coming on board, so too does the earning power of each donation and the amount we’re able to commit to our partners and their communities.


ACC International Relief – An organization whose mission is to transform communities and Nations, One Life at a Time by developing holistic sustainable solutions to combat injustice, poverty and reinstate the value of life. We aim to promote equal access to the rights and services that protect life and human dignity.