Kinship Care

Watch Sitha’s story to see how a basic support and a little encouragement can help to preserve a whole family.

Our Kinship Care program exists to help families care for their own children.  Through kinship care, we can support permanency by working with a family’s greatest assets — love and commitment.   When possible, kinship care is the most cost effective and most permanent solution for vulnerable children. 

What is Kinship Care?

With kinship care we begin by looking for options to care for a child within their own immediate or extended family.  If the immediate family cannot keep the children, our staff help to provide aunts, and grandmothers with support and hope for long-term kinship foster care.   An example of kinship care is an aunt caring for her sister’s children due to a car accident.  

Once we receive a referral for a child, we work first to help to see if re-integration, or family preservation is possible.  The next step is to look for relatives that may be able to provide a loving home.  If that is not possible our final step is to move the child into foster care.    

Why is kinship care “better”?



Extensive research links kinship care with the strongest long-term outcomes for vulnerable children.


Family Bond

The right extended family members already know the children and have loving bond.  


Lower Costs

On average, kinship care costs are 50-70% lower than other forms of alternative care. 

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