Foster Care

For many children, reintegration is not possible and foster care is the only available option.  Our Foster Care program recruits, screens, and trains families to provide loving homes for orphans and vulnerable children.

Watch Sam Ang’s story to see how a simple, but loving family environment can create real transformation.  

How do you define foster care?

People often ask to define foster care.  Simply, it is a temporary solution on a child’s pathway to permanency.   Ultimately, however, our goal is for a foster family to turn into an adoptive family.   Studies around the world show the need for permanency to be the best end goal for any fostering situation.

We need foster care when children cannot be safely placed within their own family or extended family.  Foster care stories like Sam Ang’s help to demonstrate how a foster family environment can serve the deepest needs of every child.  Fostering offers children the chance for a stable home life and nurturing in a safe family environment that is free from neglect and abuse.

What is your foster care process?

At CIF we follow a pathway to placement.  There are several questions we ask before placing them within a Foster Care family.

Can the child re-join their family?
Do we know the child’s full history?
Do our Foster families make a good match?

How do we support the foster family?



We support the families with education fees, goal setting, and after-school tutoring in some areas.  There’s no sustainability without education.


Encouragement & Training

Our dedicated staff visit and encourage the families on a regular basis.  We know that the more equipped our families are, the better care the children will recieve.



With an extra mouth to feed, we provide families with a modest stipend aimed at providing for the education, nutritional and medical needs of the foster child.  

the best service to the child is the service closest to the child, and children who are victims of neglect, abuse, or abandonment must not also be victims of bureaucracy.

– Kenny Guinn

What about foster care adoption?

At CIF our end goal is always a permanent home for any child in our care. We are currently working with several other organizations to help the local Cambodian government pass a clear framework for domestic adoption.  Once this takes place, we plan to help many of our foster care families take the step towards the full adoption of children in their care.