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A Database for the Community

Working with the Community

We know we’ve been quiet for a little while. While there has been little action on our blog, that doesn’t mean that we have been sitting idle. We have been very busy. Our main objective at CIF is to work with vulnerable Cambodian children and place them in loving homes. But that is not all we do! We are also committed to being a part of the wider community of organizations. We are working toward safer kids and a stronger Cambodian society. One project we have that relates to this is our development of a Case Management System and Database. The goal of this database is to have more effective social work with the kids in our care.

We are currently working with software developer Rotati, Save the Children, and many other NGOs. The hope is to make this Case Management System software available to other groups and organizations that could benefit from it. We held a workshop last month to get wisdom and feedback from many NGOs across Cambodia. During the workshop we introduced them to the software and it was well received. We look forward to bringing you more exciting news about the project as things develop. For now, enjoy a few photos of some of the work we do across the wider community, as well as on the ground with our kids, and some photos of our workshop last month. If you would like to find out about some of the projects we have done in the past with the community, then check out our post from July 2016.



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